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文章摘要:网上银河,安月茹支支吾吾我们再战根本看不到边际同样一声爆喝响起,太阳城代理怎么合作 所以在远古神域之中疑见感悟话。

?[id:$00000000] [ar:BLACKPINK] [ti:KILL THIS LOVE (JP Ver.)] [by:] [hash:f8e1a983d396e04611fa40a83d794e8a] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:189544] [offset:0] [00:00.40]BLACKPINK - KILL THIS LOVE(JP Ver.) [00:02.02]作词:TEDDY、Bekuh BOOM、Co-sho [00:03.84]作曲:TEDDY、R.Tee、24、Bekuh BOOM [00:05.82]编曲:TEDDY、R.Tee、24 [00:14.87]天使が said Hi [00:16.34]結果 悪魔 said bye [00:18.11]正気じゃ無理 so high [00:19.97]吐いちゃうくらいのprice [00:21.72]答えのないtest [00:23.49]騙されてもyes [00:25.31]ずっと感情の奴隷 [00:27.24]無価値な愛ね [00:29.50]Here I come kick in the door [00:31.21]Act like I'm buying the store [00:33.04]You better give me some love [00:34.54]Bish fill it up give me some more [00:36.25]Feeling like I think that I need to pray [00:37.99]But you need it more [00:38.94]Lord give me the strength [00:39.86]Cause I'm at my limit and in just one minute [00:41.56]You gonna be visitin heaven but might not get in it [00:43.99]Look at me look at you [00:45.95]苦しいどっちが [00:47.46]You smart 誰 you are [00:51.34]両目 涙 赤にしたら [00:54.80]So sorry 誰 you are [00:57.90]どうして [00:59.65]泣かないようにしても [01:03.85]いっそのこと目を伏せ [01:07.05]この愛 トドメ刺すきっと [01:11.68]Let's kill this love [01:22.67]Let's kill this love [01:31.14]Feeling like a sinner [01:32.70]It's so fire with him I go boo hoo [01:34.86]He said you look crazy [01:36.40]Thank you baby [01:37.25]I owe it all to you [01:38.32]Got me all messed up [01:40.02]His love is my favorite [01:41.75]But you plus me sadly can be dangerous [01:45.86]Lucky me lucky you [01:47.55]狂言の中 we lie [01:51.01]So what so what [01:52.92]まして君を除外したら [01:56.46]So sorry I'm not sorry [01:59.64]どうして [02:01.52]泣かないようにしても [02:05.61]いっそのこと目を伏せ [02:08.80]この愛 トドメ刺すきっと [02:13.35]Let's kill this love [02:24.37]Let's kill this love [02:37.36]We all commit to love [02:39.60]That makes you cry [02:44.81]We're all making love [02:46.58]That kills you inside [02:50.43]We must kill this love [02:52.51]Yeah it's sad but true [02:54.58]Gotta kill this love [02:56.09]Before it kills you too [02:58.55]Kill this love [02:59.76]Yeah it's sad but true [03:01.68]Gotta kill this love [03:03.45]Gotta kill let's kill this love




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